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What version of Exchange am I on?

Here is the simple way to find out what version of Exchange is currently running.

In the Exchange Powershell:

Get-ExchangeServer | fl name,edition,admindisplayversion

Managing Exchange Logs

I am running a number of Exchange Servers in a hosted hyper-v environment. I do complete VHD backup nightly. So I needed a good way to manage the growing Exchange Server logs. After a lot of searching I found this straight forward way to deal with the logs. How to Truncate the Exchange transaction logs… Continue Reading

Multiple Exchange Accounts per Outlook Profile

Outlook 2010 now allows multiple Exchange accounts per Outlook profiles. By default the limit is set to three, but from what I am reading you can increase it to 15! I have not tried it yet but here are the instructions: You can make the change through Group Policy or the registry. The Group Policy… Continue Reading